Check the location before you decide where to rent a villa for your Orlando vacation!

You’ve heard it said many times in connection with property… “Location, Location, Location”, and for Orlando it couldn’t be more true! Do you really want to stay somewhere off busy US Highway 27, many miles away from Orlando and Disney? Or would you prefer to be within striking distance of the Disney property and the many restaurants along US Hwy 192, and a good deal closer to all the other Orlando attractions and shopping to the north and east beyond Disney?

When selecting a villa, you should make sure you check the location before booking. Some holiday companies and travel agents who offer Orlando villa rentals won’t even tell you the location of the home you’ll be staying in until you arrive at the airport – or if they do, they’ll charge you extra to select one in advance. Why take the risk of being allocated a villa many many miles away from all the attractions? If privacy is important, you need to also be sure when you book that the villa you are renting isn’t directly overlooked by others, or in the middle of a building site, and that it doesn’t back straight onto to a busy, noisy highway. You won’t have any of these problems if you book our villa! Rolling Hills is an established, upmarket community with no active building work, and the villa is situated on a quiet residential street, and backs onto a tranquil lake.

The traffic can get jammed up for miles along US Hwy 192, but rent this villa on Rolling Hills, and Walt Disney World is within easy reach – because you’ll be staying only 3 miles from the House of the Mouse!

Stay here and you’ll have Disney World on your doorstep!

You can’t rent a private villa any closer to Disney than the area shown in the photo above, and the only villas closer to Disney World than Rolling Hills are in the Formosa Gardens (next door) and Oak Island Cove (just around the corner) – and they are only closer to Disney by 200 yards! Vacation villas are only available for renting to the south of US Hwy 192 (in Osceola County, where our villa is located), or many miles away out to the west (in Polk & Lake counties) along the north-south US Hwy 27 (see the maps below) – it’s not possible to rent a villa in the area to the north and east of Disney (including the tourist and convention area around International Drive), because that part of Orlando is in Orange County, which doesn’t allow private homes to be rented out for vacations (hotels are your only option if you want to stay in that part of Orlando).